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X-Scar Silicon Gel Dressing Medical Scar Patch

X-Scar, a big problem for many people, causing quite a little irritating while also creating uncertainty Must keep covering all the time Is it better to know how to prevent or if it’s too late, then there are ways to treat the scar to fade. We have high quality products to recommend X-SCAR.  A transparent silicone gel patch is used to prevent and treat hard and bulging scars that has a red convex shape, the incision is soft and has a toughness in the body softens the scars and fade  away the scar. It can be used on all parts of the body without causing allergies or irritation.

Product-X-scar Cosmateline

What is X-SCAR ?

X-SCAR is a clear thin silicone gel, used to prevent and treat hard, swollen, bulging, or cut after surgery scars that have a red convex shape. The incision is soft and has a toughness in the body softens the scars and softens them, fading away. It can be used on all parts of the body without causing allergies or irritation.  Moreover, it can adhere to the skin perfectly since it’s very thin, easy to use and convenient. Just peel the X-SCAR film and cover the scar. For a large area scar can use multiple X-SCAR stick together.

What is X-SCAR used for ?

For covering and healing scars and helps reduce both old and new scars. Fade and soften, can be used with hypertrophic and keloid scars with production technology, resulting in thin silicone sheets that can adhere well without use plaster and can be used on all parts of the body even in the corner or joints by designed on the other side of the silicone sheet to not adhere to clothes in case you wear underneath your cloths.

What is X-Scars used for

How to use X-SCAR patches correctly ?

  1. Clean the scar and surrounding area as needed And wait for it to dry.
  2. Peel the film out cover the silicone patch directly the scar or cut. Make sure the wound is sealed.
  3. Softly press the silicone patches closely to the surface of the skin by stroking from the center. To the edge
How to use X-Scar patches correctly

Instructions for use that should considered

  1. Before and after using X-SCAR, must wash your hands thoroughly.
  2. Clean the scar and the surrounding area with soap and clean water. Wipe it to completely dry.
  3. Open the X-SCAR from the container.
  4. Bend the X-SCAR plate to be slightly larger than the scar.
  5. Pull out the white plastic sheet that is closed on the back.
  6. Close the X-SCAR sheet on the scar without stretching out. The X-SCAR will stick close to the skin.
  7. In the first 2 days, close 4 hours per day.
  8. In the next 2 days, close to 8 hours per day.
  9. After that, gradually increase the closing period by an additional 2 hours per day. Until the closing period is at least a day 12 hours each, in order to get results Should fully close 24 hours.
  10. Wash and clean the scar patch at least 2 times a day with soap and clean water.
  11. Change a new sheet when the toughness decreases.
  12. Closed period, if to prevent scarring, must close for 2 consecutive months and if to stop or alleviate scars that have occurred for a long time then should be closed consecutive 4 months or more.

Caution in use

  • Do not use with people with skin disorders.
  • Do not apply cream or ointments in closed areas
Instructions for use that should considered

Guarantee with our quality.

  1. Special with medical silicone sheet to help heal wounds and effectively fades scars. The silicone sheet is attached to the wound to help retain the moisture. After that the wound would be flat, reducing convex swelling and fading the scar.
  2. Protects delicate surgical wounds and relieve itchiness.
  3. Increase strangulation and gentle pressure resists swelling of the wound
  4. Supports muscle sagging and helps reduce wound pain while you moving around
  5. Inner silicone accelerates wound healing keeps the wound moist, soft and smooth, protecting delicate surgical wounds.
Guarantee with our quality.

We believe that nobody wants a scar in our body because it might remind a history but make skin looks rough and not attractive. Now we have better solution and safer effective way to treat the scar by our X- Scar patch for your smoother skin, clearer skin.

Cosmateline we always believe that we would like to deliver high yet effective quality of product to the customers. We choose every single product by our experts. We consider our customers as people we truly care about.

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