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Why let the old painful lipolysis stop you?

Why let the old painful lipolysis stop you?

Experience ultimate painless lipolysis
V Line A Solution Essence is the answer you need to be in a perfect shape.

  V Line A Solution Essence removes fat cell and cellulite more effectively with nonsurgical injectable treatment, through a series of process.

V Line A Solution

1.  Making decent/slimmer face shape 
2.  With zero downtime
3.  Natural combination of effective Soy Isoflavone Ferment and many more see more ingredient list

Active ingredients list

  • Escin
     from plant named “Horse Chest Nut” help reduce inflammatory and swollen

  • Algae Extract
     Helps prevent and protect cell from losing water so you don’t need to concern about saggy skin after treatments.

  • Sophora Japonica Flower Extract
     สารสกัดจากดอกฮ่วยฮวย เป็นสมุนไพรที่นิยมใช้ในจีน เกาหลี ญี่ปุ่น มีสรรพคุณลดการอักเสบ และห้ามเลือด

  • Firming,Anti-inflammation
     ช่วยในการกระชับผิว หลังไขมันสลาย พร้อมลดการอักเสบ บวม ช้ำ

Why Choose V-Line A Solution

  • Effectively removes fat cell and cellulite with no pain
  • NO bruising, NO swelling, NO redness
  • Stimulate collagen and provide a lifting effect
  • Prevent the formation of new fat cells
  • Not only dissolve fat but also dissolve cellulite
  • Anti-inflammatory and redness
  • No swelling, no pain
  • Helps to eliminate fine lines
  • No side effect


  V line-A Solution removes fat cell and cellulite more effectively with nonsurgical treatment, through a series of process.

  Fat cells located in the subcutaneous fat tissue are difficult to diminish. The drug is designed to treat “submental fat” (the fat pocket under the chin), which promises to dissolve stubborn fatty deposits that do not respond to diet and exercise. There is no downtime. The drug is specially designed to dissolve cheek fat and double chin.

Ingredients Function

Soy Isoflavone Ferment

1. Inhibit the generation of new fatty cells.

2. Promote lipolysis

3. Improve skin texture


1. Active strong anti-phosphodiesterase

2. Keep cAMP level high in fat cells

3. Activate lipase and cause lipoclasis in fat cells


1. Delivers fatty acid to mitochondria

2. Oxidative degrade delivered fatty acid in mitochondria

3. Promote fat degradation





V Line A solution (FACE) can be administered all over the entire face.

  1. Saggy Chin and double chin
  2. Fatty cheek and zygoma
  3. Fat pouches at the corner of the mouth
  4. Pre-jowl sulcus
  5. For general V-line face

Restrict Area: Around eyes area

Clinical Result

          V Line-A solution during the resolving fat cell process, selectively effects and restrain fat accumulate and accelerate active of fat resolve enzyme to resolve and discharge in fat heavy fat.

Indication and Usage

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