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Reverse aging and boosting skin’s clarity with Lamedics HA Revitalize Booster

if you looking for the best skin booster to revitalise your skin and regain a radiant complexion. We are here to answer the problem “introducing brand new Lamedics HA Revitalize Booster” All in one skin booster for hydro-balance restoration, wrinkle reduction and prevention, restore the plumping of the skin, significantly increase skin elasticity, enhance skin radiance, soften facial crease and revitalisation of the skin.

Lamedics is an injectable skin booster based on non-cross linked hyaluronic acid. The clear gel is designed to enhance skin hydration, revitalize the skin tissue, improve elasticity, and achieve a natural glowing look. Hyaluronic Acid is known for its many advantages; it contributes to the overall smooth and youthful appearance of the skin, thanks to its unique ability to bind and retain water. It can also bind to collagen and elastin and help transport vital nutrients to the skin tissue.  Its unique hyaluronic acid structure is analogous to the body’s own natural hyaluronic acid. Hydryal contains mannitol (9 mg/ml), which prevents oxidative damages and prolongs the duration of the effect. Concentrated and suitable for reducing deep wrinkles, help lift the skin. Reducing sagging skin along with restore the skin to shine bright, and smooth. Like a young girl’s skin, intensive repair and regeneration.

Reverse aging and boosting
Reverse aging and boosting

*provided in a box of 5×3 ml vials

Main ingredients of Lamedics HA Revitalize Booster

Green tea

Green tea extract

combined with carnitine together helps control oil and helps reduce oil in the pores. From natural extracts revitalize skin cells for smooth skin, clear study not sensitive to acne, reducing the chance of clogging pores and keeps the skin look younger effectively.

Calendula flowers

Soothe and refresh the skin while adding a visible glow to help soothing properties of the petals to be released as much as possible was finely absorb as well. The unique privilege of Lamedics that can only be found with a microscope. It is a Calendula Extract that can be absorbed into the skin and helps to restore the skin to be refreshed and radiant skin.

Calendula flowers


Chamomile is rich in antioxidants and antimicrobial substances (microbial growth inhibitors) to brighten skin reduce dark spots, reduce acne scars It also has properties that help tighten pores and makes the skin look younger as well.

Solve everyone’s skin problems with HA REVITALIZE BOOSTER. All in one skin solution, for all skin types, all lifestyles, and all ages. Terminate all your skin problems now. Cosmateline we select good products with standards and quality which is correct in accordance with international standards, high-quality control in every single step of the production process. In order to get customers to receive good quality products.

A product that can answer all skin problems While still being able to produce longer than other products in the market Because we passed the test Research and development from laboratories that meet international standards From testing and research according to the clinical process of experts.

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