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Return & Refund

How to refunds and product returns?

Do I have to pay for the return shipping fees?

Cosmateline has a policy to refund shipping costs for the buyer, only purchase products from stores on Cosmateline and recommended stores. Buyers will receive their shipping costs within 15-20 business days. After the completion of all stages of the product. Cosmateline will transfer money to the buyer’s account directly added to the Cosmateline system, the transfer is not via the application.

Cosmateline recommends that buyers send products via EMS via the Thai Postal Service because Cosmateline will refund shipping charges to buyers at the EMS shipping cost of the Thai post only. Which can see shipping rates from the table below.

How to request a refund? If not receiving the goods, the products are not complete or damaged?

For domestic products

The package cover will be sent to the registered email. If you wish to write your own package cover Please make sure that the information is correct as follows :

1. Order number and product return request number.

2. The return address of the recipient and shown on the return details page.

Then you will want to return pack the product and deliver it to the seller within 3 days from the date of the request for return is approved.   Please don’t forget, to print the package cover and place the package cover on the package box. To ensure that products are delivered to the destination correctly. As soon as the product has been delivered You can fill out this information in the Cosmateline app:

1. Name of the sender

2. Parcel tracking number

3. Delivery confirmation

For international orders.

You can coordinate with the dispute department of Cosmateline. In the case returning, make sure you return the products within 3 days. Otherwise, your return request will be automatically canceled and the product price will be transferred to the buyer. Documents dispute which is used as evidence of product returns is as follows:

  • Official shipping documents including delivery receipt and package tracking number.
  • Product images or packaging of returned products Including shipping companies, Name of buyer and seller, Phone number that can be contacted, Address of the returned product, and the postmark (stamp).
  • Conversation history between buyers and sellers or other evidence, that shows that the seller accepted the return of the product.

How can I track delivery status?

If you choose delivery by Thailand Post, Kerry, DHL and Ninja Van, You can track the delivery status through the application of Cosmateline simply by following the steps below to begin:

1. Select the “My Profile” menu and select the topic. “That must be received”.

2. Then, select the order item that you want to check the delivery status. Scroll and click the “Shipping Information” section.

3. You will find the delivery status on the package tracking number provided by the seller.

If you follow the steps above. The delivery status is not updated or the seller has not added the tracking number Cosmateline. We encourage you to ask the tracking number directly with the seller via the chat channel of the Cosmateline application

In case of delivering products from overseas.

Cosmateline has enabled the parcel tracking application for products from foreign countries. You can click on “Delivery tracking” on the order details page. The figures on this page will contain the details of the latest shipment status updates.

What are the conditions for returning products?

You can return the product because:

  • Damaged product.
  • Wrong product delivery, such as wrong product size or color, etc.
  • Product is not working.
  • Products that have been greatly damaged from product descriptions.
  • Have agreed with the seller .

Note: If the product is damaged, contact Cosmateline within 7 days of receipt with evidence of damaged or lost items such as photos and box product photos.

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