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The skin is clear, bright, smooth, making the face charming, inviting to look and feel confidently to reveal bare skin. Even increasing ages plus having to face with various situations that hurt the skin, sunlight, pollution, stress, improper skin care, and insufficient nourishment the skin will become rough, dull, not bright. There are dark spots, freckles, including acne and wounds. “Lamedics HA REVITALIZE BOOSTER”. Lamedics use for revitalise, all in one deep treatment.


Why Lamedics ?

“Lamedic HA REVITALIZE BOOSTER” is used to revitalise skin. The method of treatment using series small needle to deliver the concentrated ingredient directly into the dermis. Suitable for those who wish to repair and refresh the skin and see the result immediately after the first treatment.

Perfect for reducing deep wrinkles, lifting the skin, reducing sagging skin as well as restoring youthful bright and smooth look and repairing skin. Clinical trials has shown significant results.

Advanced skin care rejuvenation using Larmedics.

Our Lamedics laboratories have expert in Hyaluronic acid. A tailor-made for proper molecules with recent producing technology was designed specifically for our product. We invest mainly in advanced innovative manufacturing. Approximately 30% of the sales revenues being dedicated to R&D every year.

“Increase skin’s moisture naturally and strengthen the skin’s barrier”

  • Multiply the effectiveness of moisturizting with purified Hyaluronic Acid, time- releasing a number of moisture into the skin and continuously do so as the time passed.
  • Keep skin look brighter and plumper. Long lasting retain the glow underneath the skin.
  • Restore dry skin cells by keeping moisture for a long period of time.
  • Helps strengthen skin’s barrier. Retains water in the skin more than 5 times when using the product continuously. Proven dry skin and the problem of dehydrated skin is noticeably reduced.

Clinical tested from real user group

found that their skin are visibly revitalised in no time after using Larmedicts HA REVITALIZE BOOSTER.

95% feel skin more hydrates

89% less visible wrinkles

90% feel skin more smooth

92% brighter skin looking

Outstanding components of the Lamedics HA REVITALIZE BOOSTER .

Natural biological compound that is rich in skin food ingredients that helps to nourishing the skin naturally and treat the skin.

Green tea extract  

combined with carnitine. The mixture of powerful ingredients helps control oil and reduce large size pores. Revitalise skin cells for smooth skin and significantly reduce the sign of acne also reducing the chance of a clogging pores.


Calendula flowers

soothe and refresh the skin while adding a visible glow to help soothing properties of the petals to be released as much as possible was finely absorb as well. The unique privilege of Larmedics that can only be found with our advanced extracting technology that gives the ability of this particular extract absorbed into the skin and restore the skin, refresh and radiant skin.


is rich in antioxidants and antimicrobial substances (microbial growth inhibitors) to brighten skin reduce dark spots, reduce acne scars It also has properties that help tighten pores and makes the skin look younger as well.

Advantages of Lamedics you may not know.

Product been tested in an international high standard laboratory and has gained proven results from real user groups.

  • See visible results after first treatment.
  • Protect cells from free radicals
  • Wrinkles are reduced
  • Smooth surface skin.
  • Soften and moisturised skin
  • Brighter skin looking
  • Helps to reproductive collagen underneath the skin.

Where can Lamedics be used?

Lamedics can be applied to the skin in the following areas

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Around the chest area
  • Back area
  • Arm area
  • Leg area
  • Abdomen area

Instructions for using Lamedics

In general, It is recommended to take treatment for 10 times by beginning to adjust skin condition first use once a week to complete 4 times for 1 month. After that, once a month (if done until 10 times will see the visible different)

Precautions for using Lamedics

  1. After 3-6 hours of treatment, avoid heat, sauna or heavy makeup.
  2. During treatment should avoid foods that contain stimulants and spicy foods ,no smoking and alcohol beverages .  .
  3. During treatment, avoid heavily exercise.

Solve everyone’s skin problems with HA REVITALIZE BOOSTER. All in one skin solution, for all skin types, all lifestyles and all ages. Terminate all your skin problems now. Cosmateline we select good products with standards and quality which is correct in accordance with international standards, high quality control in every single step of the production process. In order to get customers to receive good quality products.

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