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Lamedics HA REVITALIZE Booster Skin Rejuvenation And Nourishing Products

Lamedics HA REVITALIZE Booster has been tested from the international cosmetic research institutes and researches also approved by performance and safety assessments of standards as certifying by the Food and Drug Administration. For developing under quality control and standard laboratory safety tests.

To develop this formula as a skincare product as well as to study the efficiency and safety in volunteers according to the number of groups defined. The Lamedics product effectively restores moisture into the skin. Purified Hyaluronic acid concentrates release a large amount of water into the skin and absorb water from the air into the skin continuously that gives your skin a brighter look. Moisture can be preserved underneath the skin throughout the day, as well as nourishing the dry skin with a moisturizing agent making skin appear more smooth and supple. The water retention in the skin.

Real-user clinical tested results found that the skin’s health of the participants is refreshed and clearly as shown as the results after using Lamedics HA.

95% Softer skin and has more moisture.
89% Wrinkles, see Less small fine line.
90% Smooth skin surface.
92% Brighter skin

International standard quality control

Lamedics HA REVITALIZE Booster has been tested the performance of products from the examination by volunteers according to the specified number of groups. It also tests in delicate with irritation. Proven performance can be refreshed and nourished in one product.

Allergy tested

Through allergy and irritation tests in cosmetics, ensure that Lamedics products do not cause skin irritation and safety to users.


Tested on cosmetic products

Lamedics HA REVITALIZE Booster can be used in conjunction with various types of cosmetics effectively. The test is made in various types of cosmetic products such as powder dust, cream, foundation, or moisturizer.

Security testing

Lamedics HA REVITALIZE Booster has passed the reaction test of the product to the skin. Users can test both the product and extract that is a mixture in a Single Patch Test product. The result indicates no risk from the product will react to the skin, and when tested repeatedly with Patch Test (RIPT), it is very small possible to determine the risk of allergy to skin. It does not cause skin irritation and is completely safe for users.

Lamedics HA REVITALIZE Booster Product is a perfect solution for all skin conditions. End all the skin problems with Larmedicts. We carefully have chosen and developed the ingredients of our products with the highest standards and quality of production in accordance with international standards. All production processes to ensure customers get a good quality of products.


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