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How To Buy

How to start shopping on the Cosmeticline?

Cosmateline purchases easier than you think. Just choose the product you want and follow the steps. (TIPS: just press the green button on each step will bring you to order completion. Do not forget to read the details carefully before ordering every time).

1. Find the product you need

You can search for a variety of products that you need. Whether the product is on the first page, product category, or using the product search bar. Other than, there are also special priced products every day as well.

Choose the product you want to buy. In this detail page, You can also click the word “chat now” to negotiate the price and quantity of the product or click the “Buy” button to order immediately.

2. Buying

After clicking the “Buy” Buyers have to fill the quantity you want and / or need to select more detail, such as the choice of color, size, capacity, and then click the “Buy Now” you will go to the front of the cart.

3. Shopping Carts

3.1 Choose the product you want to pay, then click “Pay”. If you have Cosmateline coins, you can use it as a discount on this page.

3.2 Select or add Shipping address, Shipping options, Discount codes, Shipping methods, Payment methods.

3.3 Choose the desired payment method, then click “Confirm” to make payment.

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