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Clapio-Cell Intensive Solution With PDRN

Having timeless beautiful radiance skin, whether it is whiter or darker skin colour can also look gorgeous. Avoid chemical ingredients to put on the skin is a smart way to treat skin and please keep in mind that there are other factors that directly and indirectly harm the skin. The point is how to get the skin to look good as long as we can. One of the popular beauty secret is the introduction of multivitamins and natural nutrients into the skin. Let us introduce you to  Clapio-cell solution, which is an alternative to treat your skin and keep skin looking younger.

What is Clapio – cell ?

Clapio cell, also known as “salmon sperm treatment” as is well known that salmon is a fish that has many advantages which are rich in omega-3, proteins and various skin nutrients. In the beauty industry, studies have been shown what salmon sperm contains useful substances that can be used safely on the skin. Therefore, the scientist has been extracted the existing substances, namely highly Polymerised Sodium Deoxyribonucletide. As know as, HP sodium DNA has the ability to accelerate the production of new skin cells. Retain moisture and reduce small visible wrinkles on the surface of the skin.

clapio cell 01

Clapio-Cell consists of

DNA extracted from sperm cells, the best salmon species which is a key component to take care of the skin cells.

Growth Factor (VEGF, IGF) is a natural substance that cells use to communicate with each other to stimulate growth and repair skin. There are many types of growth factors in nature each type has different effects that used to help stimulate blood circulation for stimulate the creation of new cells and collagen.

Non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid works with extracted DNA to increase efficiency.

Mix-Vitamins, antioxidants and other extracts needed for skin rejuvenation.

When deliver into the skin, deep down to the DNA level. The skin looks younger. Repair damaged cells and has the property of reducing inflammation and tissue also stimulates the production of new skin cells as well as the skin will be glowing visibly.

clapio cell 03

Use the principle of Clapio-cell

In the process of making use of Clapio-cell is the treatment by bringing nutrients or vitamins into the dermis. For the body to receive substances that are absorbs directly into the skin’s surface.. This process requires experienced physicians. It doesn’t matter which part of the face is done by this. For Clapio Cell solution, it takes 5-10 minutes for the ingredients to be absorbed under the skin. No pain, no down time, no bruising. Differences can be seen on the 2-3 day after the treatment and the results will become more apparently. It is recommended to use every 1-2 weeks continuously for 3-4 times in order to see the result clearly and for longer efficacy.

Results after Clapio-Cell treatment

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