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Neuramis the latest HA injection


the latest HA injection from the owner of makes “Neuronox” - famous botox brand in Korea.​


From the study above we can see there was significant difference in the rate of improvement between 2 group(p = 0.001). Neuramis perform a significant positive result for treating wrinkles compare to Restylane(control group).

   Neuramis is one of the unique HA injectable formula for the improvement of deep and average wrinkles, volume increase and rejuvenation. The Neuramis range has been created by Medytox, a laboratory that has developed botulinum toxin type A, Neuronox, based on the SHAPE corporate technology. Being a unique manufacturing process, with 2 stages of crosslinking and an improved purification process make this a unique product.

Neuramis Deep’s main indications

Neuramis Deep’s main indications
Medytox has designed the groundbreaking soft-tissue filler to be injected either in the middle or deep layers of the skin to rapidly reduce the appearance of medium wrinkles and severe folds on the face. Thanks to its optimized gel texture, the volumizing effect of the Neuramis Deep filler never fails to provide aesthetically-appealing anti-wrinkle effects. It also acts as a potent moisturization agent, keeping the skin smooth, soft and rejuvenated for months on end. Non-surgical facial augmentation is also a mission possible with Neuramis Deep because of its high cross-linking level.

  • Removal of medium wrinkles
  • Correction of deep folds
  • Lip contouring
  • Augmentation of cheekbones
  • Chin enhancement

“The unique manufacturing process of Neuramis, with 2 stages of crosslinking and an improved purification process make this a unique product.”

  Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural polymer found in all living organisms. The human dermis has a high percentage of HA, which moisturizes the skin due to its vaso-communicating properties. HA is a predominant part of the intracellular visco elastic matrix, which provides and maintains adequate tissue volume and acts as an intracellular buffer to help protect the skin. The natural product, if injected into the skin, it would be absorbed and lost quickly. To produce an HA of longer duration, it has to be made stronger and more stable by the process of crosslinking. Hence, reticulated gels combine with natural HA to provide volume and support for 4 to 12 months.

The SHAPE technology guarantees greater safety and a longer duration in the use of NEURAMIS.

Use of stable raw materials, all certified and approved by the FDA and EDQM as well as CEE.

Improved purification through the use of SHAPE technology with double cross-linking that minimizes non-crosslinked residues.

Post Sterilization process minimizes the risk of microbial contamination.

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