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Why cosmateline & What makes us different ?

Cosmateline History About us, We are one of the main distributor of pharmaceutical product, medical related products, clinical equipment one ...
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cover lamedics

Reverse aging and boosting skin’s clarity with Lamedics HA Revitalize Booster

if you looking for the best skin booster to revitalise your skin and regain a radiant complexion. We are here ...
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Lamedics HA Revitalize Booster

Lamedics HA Revitalize Booster The Ultimate Revitalise And Rejuvenate Skin Solution

Lamedics HA Revitalize Booster is used for revitalization skincare. Lamedics, a method of treatment using a small needle to deliver ...
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Lamedics HA REVITALIZE Booster Skin Rejuvenation And Nourishing Products

Lamedics HA REVITALIZE Booster has been tested from the international cosmetic research institutes and researches also approved by performance and ...
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ปก X-Scars

X-Scar Silicon Gel Dressing Medical Scar Patch

X-Scar, a big problem for many people, causing quite a little irritating while also creating uncertainty Must keep covering all ...
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Cover Clapio-Cell

Clapio-Cell Intensive Solution With PDRN

Having timeless beautiful radiance skin, whether it is whiter or darker skin colour can also look gorgeous. Avoid chemical ingredients ...
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