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What is Cosmateline ?

               We are one of the main distributor of cosmetics, medical cosmetics, medical instruments, etc.  One of the largest in Thailand and Southeast Asia. We believe in high quality product and delivery experience because we work professionally and ethically. Serving customers both locally and internationally with after-sales service and premium quality products and satisfaction guaranteed for both products and services.

1. Good quality products are ready to deliver to you.

               We are an organization that has produced quality inspection and researching and developing product quality continuously. Including service is considered as an important backbone of us because we believe that various products, before delivering to all customers must be safe and quality. This is something that we always hold continuous product development is the development, improvement or change of the product to meet the needs of consumers as well as service before and after sales to meet the needs of customers in all forms to provide our customers or target groups with maximum satisfaction. therefore, value every one of our customers makes our company grow continuously As a result of receiving the trust of every customer.

2. We are constantly researching and developing new products continuously.

             The important achievements of an organization are continuous product development because in the present time it is a world of technology and borderless communication. Products and services that are provided therefore need to be continuously developed.

              In each product research and development so that the product development succeeds in accordance with the organization’s goals, our organization is focused on the following aspects

1. The process of accumulating ideas develop and test.

In the early stages of product development have changed over time, after the business has an idea about the product then the idea has to be filtered to be in a form that can be tested, and the details must be presented in the form of a product concept that describes in detail the meaning and image of the product by making a concrete presentation about the product that the marketing needs.

2. Product development process.

This step is a step that has been developed and designed to take what is described in words, drawings, drawings or product designs as prototypes that will allow customers to see the properties of the product, after that, we will test at the laboratory and field level to ensure the products are acceptable to the market and every customer is impressed with that product.

3.Procedures for testing and recommending products to the market.

The test results with the possibility that the Group will profit from new products to consider overtime to enter the target market or target customers and marketing strategies during the product introduction.

All products are tested and re-tested to ensure that customers receive safe, making sure that every customer, after receiving the products from us, customers feel secure that they receive consistently good quality products.

3. Product and service are easily access.

             Customers or prospects can access our products and our services easily, comprehensive distribution channels both online and offline with various technologies to help reach more consumers or customers.

Online Marketing.

             Also known as Digital Marketing with various technologies to help to reach more consumers or customers, whether public relations, advertising using the Internet as a channel to promote products for customers.

Offline Marketing.

             Media and marketing channels of traditional media such as radio, television, billboard, which will be marketed exclusively in the area focus on one-way communication.

Access to company products, we care about every customer to make it convenient for us to buy our products and services and an impression of our products and long term services.

4. Our personnel are highly qualified and experienced.

               “Personnel” is an important factor that affects the success or the failure of the organization which the personnel regarded as having quality, experience, knowledge to working and should have the right personality to be consistent with the job.

All of our personnel have skills, knowledge, expertise and a lot of long experience to make every customer confident about the quality of the products and services that the customers deserve, Everyone pays attention to customers to make our organization to be an organization of excellence in products and services.

5. We are the first social responsibility and the environment.

               We are an organization that cares about society and the environment with awareness and importance in supporting social and community activities by gathering and paying attention to the environment to continue with the intention to work with those involved and focusing on building and inheriting the good relationship resulting from mutual acceptance and trust as well as creating attitudes and organizational culture so that employees are responsible for the society that lives together. For everyone to live together in society happily forever.

6. Our organization is an organization of good governance.

              We are an organization that is transparent, verifiable and responsible to all stakeholders and responsible for products and services for maximum reliability which is the main idea base in management and operations, and then creates stability for the organization and looks after the stakeholders fairly. By focusing on good governance.


Company History

The beginning of company


                In 2017, the management and the executive committee discussed that he wants to have one company established to select only high-end products from abroad for distributing in Thailand, including nearest country, in the name of Cosmateline Company.


                 In the year 2018, a collection of data was made regarding statistical insights, with marketing surveys and focusing on consumer needs. There are 3 methods for collecting general information: observation, interview and questionnaire. (Questionnaire) In which each method has different techniques

    1. Observation is the study of the characteristics, factors, or variations of number of issues related to research problems or research topics. In summary observation is the consideration of various factors associated.

    2. An interview is a statistical method that will be used to explore the facts of conditions in society by meeting and talking with the market between those who want to know the story called an interviewer (interviewer) and the story maker called interviewee (interviewer) an interview is a process of communication between two people by means of meeting with the news provider directly (face to face). Therefore, the interview method can be heard or being close and washing interviewee to be clear on various issues and gathering of information needed.

    3. Using the questionnaire by using questionnaire sent to sample respondents is a method that is widely used nowadays because it is an easy way not too complicated, save a lot of time, man and cost. Observations or interviews with the same wide radius easy to analyze and use a modern technology to keep data for a long time then we can take it out and use it anytime we want to.

After that, the data collected from the data has been statistically analysed to answer consumers’ needs and what consumers want and we are proud to say that we are good at selecting high quality products for consumers to exceed the customers expectation. All we want is to put a smile om our customer’s faces.


                 In 2019, Cosmateline Company was shortly established in order to select high quality products for our lovely customers on 29 August 2019, registration number 0505562014071.


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